ORC Week 1: Master Bedroom Makeover



The One Room Challenge has officially kicked off, and I couldn’t be more excited to be participating as a guest this Spring 2019 season! For those of you unfamiliar with the One Room Challenge, it is a wonderful biannual design event that challenges designers to transform a space in 6 weeks. Every week both featured and guest designers post about their progress and share tons of inspiration, design tips and tricks.

This is my first time joining the One Room Challenge. I decided to focus on our Master Bedroom. My husband and I moved into our now home in 2015. We have made tons of progress with large exterior and interior renovation projects. Our Master Bedroom has always taken the back burner. We have made some progress (new dressers and laid an area rug) but now need to focus on pulling it all together.

My goal is to make our space more mature, cozy and bright feeling. As you can see in the before photos, we have a mash-up of new furniture, old decor, and mismatched bedding. We have no doors on our closet or bathroom, missing drapes and bare walls. My priority is to get doors up, install crown molding and paint the entire room. In addition to that, I have plans to update the décor, hang wall art, coordinate and layer the bedding, and update our nightstands.

Here is a peak at a couple of items I am considering for the space. The dresser shown is one of our existing pieces.


1// Lynne Millar Art 2// Lumbar Pillow 3// Woven Bench 4// Round Wall Mirror 5// 8 Drawer Dresser

Here are a couple of “before” photos of our room as it currently stands. We have a large bay window where our bed sits. We had to place the bed here in order to have a sensible home for our television.


I like the bed in this position as it creates a nice focal point when walking into the room, but it is really hard to place nightstands and lighting with the odd angles of the windows.


Wire management is tricky with our end tables being so petite. I would like to clean that up a bit.


Doors on our closet and bathroom are needed desperately. Once those go up, it will be an immediate improvement.


This niche houses another large dresser and our TV. I love the extra floor space this gives us in the bedroom.


Finally here is our sad, drape-less wall. We need to hang a nice rod with side panels up higher and enhance this large window.

Without further ado, we have 5 weeks to place our orders, revamp some exiting pieces, install the doors and crown, paint and decorate! Week 6 is the final reveal, and I can’t wait to share the final results. Cheers to all the featured designers, guest participants and community of supporters. Be sure to check out all of the participants on the One Room Challenge website here, and come back next Thursday to see our progress!

Britney Fedricks