Britney Fedricks
owner & principal interior designer

Interior design has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. At a young age, I would constantly rearrange my bedroom and ask my parents if we could paint a new color on the walls. After  a successful four years of college achieving a degree in Interior Design, my excitement to establish my own brand quickly grew. While freelancing as a residential interior designer, I also took up full-time work in the event industry and commercial interior design field.

Decorlift was founded in 2014 with an encouraging husband, a sea of material samples and several cups of coffee. With nearly six years of professional experience under my belt, my personal design aesthetic  has shaped into a beautiful combination of modern trends and classic elements. I love mixing simple, timeless and bright elements to create comfortable interiors for everyone to enjoy. It is my sole mission to enrich peoples live's through design. I am truly blessed that through my dedication and talent, I am able to deliver great design solutions to my clients every day.